Regulation of Online Gambling

Chris Christie

The Regulation of Online Gambling Could Fix Some Problems.

There have been so many articles in the news recently about the legalization of online gambling in the United States. All of the speculation has made it a popular topic, but is it popular enough?

Many experts speculate that no bills are being passed because there are simply just too many other issues out there to deal with. Legislators are trying to fix the economy, unemployment, and healthcare. Online gambling does not seem to hold a candle to some of these other bigger problems.

The regulation of online wagering could actually fix some of these problems. There is a “debt super committee” dedicated to cutting the government’s deficits by 1.2 trillion dollars over the span of ten years. Taxing online poker would bring in 40 billion dollars in taxes in ten years. This is only solving 1/30th of the problem, it is still something to consider.

The District of Columbia is usually the leader when it comes to these types of bills, but gambling on online operations in DC is not something congress wants to do. Governors just don’t want to resort to online gambling, they think it will lead to the demoralization of society as we know it. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is one legislature that doesn’t seem to be budging on the issue. He felt for a long time that passing the bill to moderate online gambling would result in betting parlors popping up all over the state. But he finally compromised and agreed to allow online gambling for a ten year period.

Legislators like Christie greatly outnumber the supporters of online gambling, so it is no wonder that the only conclusion any of them can come to is to not come to a conclusion, yet.

It doesn’t help that the previous, and current speak, never felt the need to bring this issue to a floor vote. It’s too bad The Donald isn’t still in the race for presidency; he is a huge advocate for online gambling.

Recently some States are moving ahead with regulation but it is still quite slow. What we need first is a regulation at the federal level before the State regulation. And this does not seem like it is going to happen this year given all the other issues Congress is facing.

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