Man, Party Poker Rakeback is the greatest thing for poker players, basically a free money award for playing solid tight poker. Well, I suppose it is also a form of a Party Poker comps program as well, or maybe some players would call it a VIP program. Anyways that is not the point, the point is that when you create a new Party Poker account and play poker, you will get Party Poker Rakeback automatically deposited into your poker account in the form of Party Points. Do not worry bonus whores, you will still get your full first bonus as well.

What’s Party Poker rakeback you say? Man it is nothing short of the coolest rewards program for poker players ever created. Here is the lowdown: when you sit down at a real money poker game at Party Poker you play against the players. Now, I hope you already knew that you were not playing against the house but let’s just for fun sake assume you are not an idiot and arrived here because you are smart enough to want to make the most money possible for your poker time right?

Ok, now that is understood we can get back to explaining what Party Poker Rakeback is. Ok so the Party Poker owners are just ballers making millions and millions of dollars a week right? They make this vast fortune by charging all players a so-called rake to sit and play at the real tables (live casinos do this too, but you are not a poker idiot so you already knew that right?)

Anyways, out of each cash game pot Party Poker takes a 5% rake, a maximum of $3 per hand (live casinos take 10% rake up to $5 on average, clearly the value is found by playing online).

Now, for non poker idiots like yourself Party Poker will give you anywhere between 10% and 50% of that rake back every single hand; or if you happen to prefer playing sit and go’s and huge poker tournaments you will get back 25 cents on each dollar you pay in entry fees on average. For most real poker players (aka non poker idiots) this adds up to hundreds of dollars per month. To be exact this system is an internal rakeback program called the VIP program. You get the rakeback as points that you can then convert into cash.