My favorite three donk moves. Two are live play from the 2/5 $200 max at the Bellagio. The third one is online.

First hand. I played by my brother CooperMc last Spring. Some quick back ground, he had never played live NL before and he was a total rock for the first hour we have played at the table. We had been at the table for an hour and this was the first hand he had raised.

UTG raises to $15 two callers. CooperMc raises from the button to $75. Gets called by the preflop raisor who starts the hand with $150 or so. Flop is J88. Villian checks, CooperMc pushs all in. The guy shrugs and calls. At the Bellagio you have to turn your cards over when you are all in.

CooperMc shows AA villian KQo. The look on CooperMc’s face was priceless, I dont think the players at the table intimidated him after that.

Second hand.  Another hand I didnt play but got to see and laugh at.

Limped preflop. Flop is ATT, UTG bets, MP raises, the button shakes his head and and pushs all in. Bettor folds, raisor calls. Button had limped with KK had $5 invested out of his $200 buy in. Ummm what did you think you had beat? Raisor shows KTo and KK misses his one out.

Third hand. This guy won the hand, but I could not believe how badly he played it. $100 NL at Full Tilt Poker. I get KK in MP. UTG min-raises, a couple of folds, I raise to 6x the BB, UTG is the only caller.

The flop comes Q33 rainbow. He bets full pot into me, I think for a minute. 33 is unlikely. QQ is definitely possible for this donk, but I won’t believe him until given more evidence. Turn 7. He checks, I’m sure he’s not on QQ now and bet 1/2 pot, he calls. River Q for a board of Q337Q. He checks, I consider value betting but can’t imagine what would call that I’m beating, so I check behind. He shows QJo