For most average players, their biggest leak is that they call too much under all circumstances. You see this in the low limit fish on every round of play. You see this in the high limit fish postflop tenacity.

The simplest way to exploit this “universal leak” is to just value bet them. This is distinct from the usual advice that you hear: Tight but aggressive. That’s your style, Professor.

The tight and aggressive style is designed to exploit preflop looseness, and postflop weakness. What if you want to exploit players who are far too loose postflop? To do this, you’ll need to get to the postflop rounds to effectivly exploit them. In that case, you may want to defer your tight-aggressive style until the flop has come.

Remember, it isn’t about being tight and aggressive, that is a specific style of exploitation, tailored to specific leaks. It’s about finding the exploit which yeilds the most profit.

On the other hand ‘The Wall’ is a pretty standard strategy used in limit games by most of the better players. It is a very simple strategy, and applicable to a wide range of hands and situations. When you have the initiative, bet. If you lose the initiative, call.

So, if you raised preflop you bet, bet, bet, until someone raises you, and then you call, call, call them down. Of course, this doesn’t apply to every hand. Clearly if you have the worst (or best) possible hand, you’ll probably want to play back at the player who is trying to steal the initiative. But if you have a medium hand that you want to show down, ‘The Wall’ should probably be one of your primary tactical options.

So depending if you play fixed limit or no limit holdem, calling can be good or bad.